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Human Capital Management

Hafidz Surapranata


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CHAPTER I actually


Human Capital Management

The definition would be that the management of your organization's workers. While human resource management is sometimes referred to as a " soft" supervision skill, successful practice within the organization requires a strategic target to ensure that persons resources can facilitate the achievement of organizational desired goals. Effective hrm also consists of an element of risk management for an organization, which is as a minimum, ensures legal compliance.

Self improvement Plan (PDP)

Personal Development Strategy is best identified as personal organizing technique to develop ones expertise sets because of fulfillment of job requirements or desire in maximizing personal expertise through actions plans based upon awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning personal development within the context of career, education, relationship, or just self-improvement or perhaps self-actualization.

Based upon both explanations, we could notice that Human Capital Management comes with an important role toward PDP and a company for the reason that relationship is very clearly dependable. By using PDP method in Human Capital Management, we're able to define the differentiation in finding employees expertise that related to the job research and task requirements on its own. So that is the reason why PDP is important to HCM or even back because of this we're able to know in the event the employee expertise is capable or perhaps not for the business within the task requirement.

Upcoming Job Requirement

In the future, my personal dream task expectation is usually to work in one of the primary oil business in the world. The business which I wanted to choose is Total Oil Company, the reason I can be wanted to work at Total Essential oil Company is really because my various other dream is additionally to be in Paris by my childhood in which I could view the Eiffel Tower system and style of the deserts of Paris Foods, We enjoyed food preparation and foodstuff since I had been still My spouse and i kid. It will be an unforgettable encounter to me to work in Total Oil Firm.

I always wish that at some point if I might happen in functioning at Total, I will include a chance to always be the CEO of Total Company. As being a student in SBM ITB could help me personally achieve the future Job which i wished to be the CEO, because I was taught various knowledge of how to manage a company and notify how fix problem in a large number of aspect specifically Human Resource Subjects.

Job Description

The Explanation of CEO of Total is to business lead, control, control and also produce a better eye-sight and performance than before where I possibly could the company to successful and the top petrol company on the globe. I will produce a great staff based on their particular division and specialist in which they have to focus on their task desk, but they also has to be adaptable to hold hand towards all of the division in the event that they required any help after they complete their job timeline. Let me also try to expand through around Indonesia where I can compete strongly with pertamina.


Total S. A. is a French multinational essential oil company and one of the 6 " Supermajor" oil companies in the world.

Their businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, by crude oil and natural gas exploration and production to power generation, vehicles, refining, petroleum product marketing, and foreign crude oil and product trading. Total is usually a large-scale chemicals maker. The company offers its hq in the Head to Total in the La DГ©fense district in Courbevoie, close to Paris.


The company was founded after World War I after the The french language Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Raymond PoincarГ© rejected thinking about forming a partnership with Royal Nederlander Shell in favour of creating a completely French petrol company. In PoincarГ©'s behest, Col....